Date Arrow  June 25, 2013 at 3:12am  

Астрономите от обсерватория „Звездно Общество” А79, подкрепени от техни колеги, искат оставката на правителството и заплашват, че ако управляващите не се вслушат в гласа на младите хора ще предложат на Международния астрономически съюз да кръсти един от откритите им астероиди с името Сергей Станишев. За биографична справка, обаче ще бъде дадена корено различна от тази на лидера на БСП. В нея ще бъде правилно изписана датата на раждане, но ще бъде и посочена такава на смъртта, а именно датата на избиране на Делян Пеевски за шеф на ДАНС. В справката още ще се посочва, че става дума за турски общественик, от украински произход, допринесъл много за налагане на ценностите на бившата Османска империя в България, както и други сатирични елементи.

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Cometary features of the RJ22C64 object was detected

Date Arrow  June 1, 2010 at 11:11am  

Cometary nature of the NEOCP object RJ22C64 was detected in a course of A79 observations. The latter reveals the presence of diffuse coma nearly 20 arcsec in diameter and tail about 40 arcsec in direction 160 p.a. The first and preliminary orbit for the comet C/2010 J1 (Boattini) indicates perihelion already on Jan. 31, 2010, at about 1.6 AU.(IAUC 9143 (subscription required), MPEC 2010-J32)

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Name proposal for 2009 QJ5

Date Arrow  June 1, 2010 at 11:08am  

We proposed to IAU the 2009 QJ5 (225 238) asteroid, discovered by A79 in August 2009, to be named after Bulgarian national hero Hristo Botev. Below is our proposal, which will be hopefully accepted in a late July:

Hristo Botev (1848-1876) was a Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary and was one of the most significant figures of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement towards the end of the Ottoman rule. Many of his poems are imbued with zeal for liberty and determination. Botev is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and national hero.

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2007 PN29, 2006 OK14 and 2010 GN33 have been numbered

Date Arrow  June 1, 2010 at 11:05am  

Three of the discovered by IAU A79 asteroids, 2007 PN29 (236 785), 2006 OK14 (239 203) and 2010 GN33 (241 558), received final designations and have been numbered by MPC during the last 3 batches (March-May). 2010 GN33 were discovered in April 2010 and it is one of the only 80 asteroids discovered and numbered till now in 2010.
Further, observations of our newly discovered in March and April asteroids have been performed and for most of them a multi opposition orbits were obtained.

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Discovery of 2010 GN33 and 2010 GK33

Date Arrow  April 13, 2010 at 10:32pm  

Two new MB asteroids have been discovered by A79 team. We changed our search area because of the new MPC rules. According these rules, there is no more priority of the two nights observations during the designation process. We can scan only small areas of the sky and thus we try to avoid the areas scanned by the big surveys. According to our preliminary calculations 2010 GN33 is a member of the Outer zone of the Main Belt, when 2010 GK33 of the Central one.
We continued the observations of the newly discovered in Mach asteroids. 2010 EZ20 was observed from our observatory. 2010 ET20 and 2010 FT6 were observed remotely by 0.61m RC telescope at Rodeo, New Mexico (H11 code).
More about orbital element you can find on the results page.

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Discovery of 2010 FT6

Date Arrow  March 25, 2010 at 8:58am  

Another member of the outer zone of the Main Belt, 2010 FT6, has been discovered on 16/03/2010 by A79 team. Our plan now is to perform a second night observations of 3 new identified objects detected during our last small sky scan and we hope that this time MPC will follow their own rules and will design and credit to us these asteroids. The other aim is to improve the orbital solutions for our newly discovered MBAs before to continue their observations remotely from H11 observatory. In this way we can identify these objects on old images obtained by NEAT project and multi-opposition orbits to be achieved.

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Minor Planet Center not follows their own rules!

Date Arrow  March 22, 2010 at 10:44am  

We performed and reported two nights observations of two new asteroids (2010 FG7 and 2010 FH7) according to all MPC rules. However, the MPC gave the discovery credit to G96 which observed only one night. This is just a theft and an illegal operation! These MPC ???procedures??? that are not precedent proves that the ???rules??? are only for some observers and this totally discourage the small observatories especially before the start of the new generation surveys!

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Seven new MB asteroids have been discovered

Date Arrow  March 18, 2010 at 6:12pm  

Seven new main belters have been discovered in a course of A79 observations. Initially we tried to confirm short arc on-line observations provided by our colleague K. Dankov, but found also the asteroids 2010 EZ20 and 2010 EC44 on 06 and 13 March, respectively. During the confirmation process we were able to detect much brighter bodies 2010 EK29 and 2010 EL29 as well as 2010 EP43. The area close to the opposition point was regularly scanned too and in this way we were able to discover 2010 ET20. The latter is a member of the inner part of the main belt when most of the other newly detected objects are members of the outer zone. More about the orbital elements you can find on the results page.

We detected also the cometary nature of the NEOCP object J04F76, however due to the internet connection problem we were not able to report this finding to CBAT on time.

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Астероид ще бъде кръстен на Христо Ботев

Date Arrow  February 11, 2010 at 6:53pm  

Според проведената от нас анкета стана ясно, че българите категорично избират до името на Васил Левски в космоса да бъде увековечен друг наш национален герой – Христо Ботев. Членовете на нашата обсерватория са радостни от това решение и изказват своята голяма благодарност на гласувалите над 1300 човека в нашата анкета! Показателен е факта, че втори в анкетата е основателя на България.

Update: През май 2010г. обсерватория IAU А79 предложи на 15 членната комисия към Международния Астрономически Съюз името на великия българин за кръстник на астероида 2009 QJ5.
Окончателните резултати от анкетата може да намерите тук

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8 MB asteroids have been discovered

Date Arrow  January 6, 2010 at 1:41am  

Eight MB asteroids have been discovered in a course of A79 observations in November (14-21). Five of the bodies are members of the central part of the belt, two of the inner and one is an outer. We performed consecutive observations in December and improved significantly their orbital elements. Five of the discovered 9 asteroids in November now have multi opposition orbits, one has more than 80 days arc and three were observed more than one month (33 days each). More about the designations and orbits of the asteroids you can find in a results page.
Two other bodies have been discovered, but latter linked to known asteroids. For us was not understandable how it is possible an object, which has 33 days observations in 2009, than to be linked with ???known??? asteroid for which the predicted position differs with the actual one more than 33!! degree, but it seems that some of the MPC machine procedures are not adequate.
We have to notice that 2009 WR was initially discovered remotely by our member Kolyo Dankov and than he used our own instruments to confirm his discovery. Kolyo works also in an independent way mainly by remote observations. More about his own discoveries you can find here (Only in Bulgarian).

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